Sell Your Sunwell WoW Gold
(we are buying gold for Sunwell's Angrathar and Feronis realms)

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Sell Your (Angrathar & Feronis) gold to us!

Update 10th April 2019: This page is no longer maintained. You can World of Warcraft: Classic on our main website Vanilla Games (World of Warcraft)

We can also accept one-time deals, though we prefer partnering up with gold farmers who can sell us gold on regular basis. What amount we can buy greatly depends on your pricing - we buy every gold coin made by our partners that offer good pricing to us.

- Priority is always given to partners who can offer better price per 100g/500g/1000g.
- We can pay you via Paypal as friend (no fees for you) or Skrill. Other payment methods can also be considered.
- Trade methods are discussed privately, usually on Skype. Please add v7partners on Skype.

Please fill out the form's fields, and list as much as details as you can. We will reply to you as fast as possible! Alternativelly, you can chat with us on Skype: v7partners

1. We can't meet the Angrathar gold demand with our current number of farmers & partners, busy people need more and more gold.
Make use of our extensive V7 network, contacts and friends to earn cash. Playing is fun, but playing Vanilla WoW and making money in the process is even better!

2. Every day is a Pay Day. We are looking for more gold providers to join our team, and make money every day by selling Angrathar & Feronis gold on Sunwell.

3. Security. Our main priority is security, both for our providers & buyers. Only legitimate sellers can be accepted, we are not looking for gold made through exploits, hacks or unlegitimate methods.

4. Safe transfer methods. We won't get your account banned or jeopardized. is in business since the realm was started, we have done thorough tests for safe gold delivery, that won't get your account disabled.

5. Most of our partners earn better than having a 9-5 standard job. We can pay with Paypal & Skrill. Other payment methods can be considered as well. $USD, €EUR, $AUD.

Farming gold on WoW with: Herbalism, Mining, Enchanting, Tailoring, Leatherworking, Skinning, Alchemy, Engineering, Blacksmithing, Raiding, Auction House Reselling, Grinding Elites / Mobs in High Level Areas for uncommon items.

Factions: Alliance, Horde

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Email: Skype: Vision7Gaming (Gold for Private Legacy WoW Realms)

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