Our Refund Policy
(Angrathar.com Refund Policy)

1.0 General Refund Policy

Our website sells virtual game currency and game accounts "playable characters" for various Games & Game Servers.

Our website is not affiliated with Light's Hope (https://lightshope.org), Twinstar/Kronos - (http://kronos-wow), Nightbane & Angrathar (https://sunwell.pl), Netherwing (https://atlantiss.eu), Dragonblight (https://dragonblight.eu) nor with any Private Game Server Project or website(s).

Our General Refund Policy is: if you do not receive your entitled product within a maximum of 24 hours upon your purchase, you are entitled to a full refund.

2.0 Game Currency Refund Policy

We only provide refunds if we are unable to deliver you the purchased amount within 24 hours. We do not accept refund requests nor provide refunds on the basis of changing your mind, or ordering for the wrong game server, faction or incorrectly inserting a character name ("your virtual game delivery address"). Please double check your information before making a payment. In case you have inserted incorrect credentials, please try to resolve the issue as soon as possible by contacting us on one of our e-mail addresses: shop@v7gaming.com or v7gaming.com@gmail.com. We can not guarantee that we can resolve any issue due to wrongly inserted "virtual game delivery address" especially if the game currency is already delivered.

Once you click the "Buy Now" buttons you will be prompted via Lightbox Pop-Up Window to insert an e-mail address used for contact and your character name. The Pop-Up window will inform you the name of the game server you are purchasing for (example given: Northdale Light's Hope, Lightbringer Light's Hope, Nighthaven - Elysium Project etc.).

2.1 Game Currency Delivery Process

We are selling virtual game currency also known as "game gold" for various and different, un-related game servers. The standard way of delivery is through the in-game mail system (primary) or the in-game trade system (secondary, if you are online), but there are slight exceptions and differences for the various game servers:

2.2 Following Game Currency Delivey Instructions

For the following game servers:
- Sunwell Angrathar (hosted by https://sunwell.pl)
- Sunwell Nightbane (hosted by https://sunwell.pl)
We will send you an instructions e-mail which you are required to follow in order to complete the in-game transaction. You will be requested to post few random items on the in-game Auction House. We will purchase these items from you so you can obtain your currency. If you need assistance, we will provide these items to you, free of any charge.

2.3 Game Currency Delivery Options

For the following game servers:
- Northdale on Light's Hope (hosted by https://lightshope.org)
- Kronos 3 on Twinstar (hosted by http://www.kronos-wow.com/)
We will send you an e-mail offering different type of delivery options:
- To deliver you the purchased game currency "as is" via the in-game mail, trade or in-game Auction House system
- or to deliver you in-game items which can be further traded for the currency in-game with additional bonus, or to be used as is.
We will only deliver once you, "the customer" will answer on our instructions e-mail.

3.0 Game Accounts ("Playable Characters") Refund Policy

Our website sells Game Accounts ("playable game characters") for various game servers. These Game accounts are being sold either from the unique game-server pages (example: Nightbane) or from our general Accounts & Powerleveling page.
If we are unable to deliver you the purchased account/game character within 24 hours, you can ask for a full refund to be provided to you.
We do not accept returns of already delivered game accounts/characters.
We do not accept returns or refunds for purchased game accounts/characters on the basis of changing your mind.

3.1 Game Accounts ("Playable Characters") Refund Policy For Already Sold Accounts

All of the listed accounts are made to be sold. We can provide you with a replacement or a full refund option in-case the game account you purchased was already sold and our website did not reflect the change yet (we are not using database system and everything is updated manually).

3.2 Refund Policy For Disabled/Banned/Suspended Accounts

In case your purchased game account gets disabled by the game administrators (commonly known as "Game Masters"), we will require further proof if we are to provide a refund. We can only provide you with a refund if the "injury" that led to the game account/character being disabled happened before the purchase date. We do not take any responsibility for the game accounts & characters once they are delivered to you. It is up to you to preserve their security (by changing the game account & email passwords) and following the game server rules. This proof can be obtained by making an appeal on the game server site and providing us with an answer from the game server administrators. We will deny any refund requests if the injury that led to the game character being disabled/banned happened after your purchase.

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