How it Works
(Instructions for buying gold, accounts or powerleveling on Sunwell's Angrathar & Feronis)

The whole process explained in a couple of steps below:

1) Select the the amount of gold you need from the home's page available packages

2) We will need your character name, faction, and e-mail address (can be the same as your Paypal one)

3) Finish the purchase on Paypal's website. Once you have done this, we will receive an order notification.

4) Once we verify the order on Paypal (right away if we are online!), you will be contacted either in-game or on your e-mail address with instructions for receiving the gold. You will need to follow the instructions given. Please be patient, a safe delivery takes some work - we don't want to jeopardize neither yours or our accounts. Depending on the contemporary safe trade methods, you might actually only receive the gold without being contacted. If you require from us to contact you irregardless of the current trade practices, just send us an e-mail to and we will reply there to outline the details.

4) Once we verify the order on Paypal (right away if we are online!), we will try to login in order to reach you in game for delivery. If we can't meet you online, we will send you an e-mail in order to appoint both of us to meet in the same place & time. Gold is usually traded in Orgrimmar (Horde), or Ironforge / Stormwind (Alliance). Due to the strict policies enforced by the Nostalrius's staff, we prefer to trade the gold face-2-face, but if you have preference for another option, send us an e-mail with your tips.

We record the delivery process with video footage & screenshots of the transfer. This info is kept for internal reference, in case an issue arises between us.

It may happen that we are AFK due to offline responsibilities or sleep time, but the notifications are always delivered to our smartphones. we do our best to deliver the gold as fast as possible, so don't have worries - the gold is always delivered on time. If it's not, you are covered by our Refund Policy which allows you to get 100% refund if gold is not received within 24 hours.

Contact Information

Email: Skype: Vision7Gaming (Gold for Private Legacy WoW Realms)

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