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Sunwell's Frosthold Realm Info

Frosthold is a progressive Wrath of the Lich King realm "WotLK" launched on 16th November 2019. This is Sunwell's third realm, aimed at the international community after their initial success with Angrathar, it's Polish counterpart - Feronis and Nightbane (TBC). The realm name comes from Frosthold - an Alliance town aligned with the Frostborn in southwestern Storm Peaks, south of the Temple of Storms and northwest of K3, on the same mountain as Stormcrest. It is home to the whole frost dwarf race and their king, Yorg Stormheart. The town is located in and around a large pit of ice. Closed doors hints that more of the city is inside the mountain.

Frosthold ( Realm Buy Gold for Frosthold (
  • - Leveling Rates: Blizzlike 1-68 x3 (x2 for 68-80)
  • - Gold/Money rates: Blizzlike x1
  • - Faction Ratio: 51% Ally | 49% Horde
  • - Population Peak: 4000+ players
  • - Realm Patch: 3.1 version of Wrath of the Lich King (Ulduar)

Our network of farmers quickly joined both the Horde & Alliance flanks, and we now have ample supply of Frosthold gold for sale.

Older Sunwell Frosthold News

You can also buy Sunwell Frosthold gold from Gold4Vanilla and our Vanilla.Games websites.

Update 15th November 2019:
The release of Frosthold is coming, we will be removing all other realms from functioning on our website.

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