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Available Packages for Angrathar (Sunwell)

The packages below are for the new Angrathar realm available at
Gold is available for both Alliance & Horde. Gold price was last updated today, 18th April 2019 (EU Time).

Please note that we guarantee our transactions - they are 100% safe and won't compromise your account
due to our custom developed gold delivery scheme which is used in every transaction.
We are still using the same accounts for gold delivery ever since Angrathar was launched
on 27th January with 0% Ban Rate literary!

3000 Gold
€8.85 EUR (about $9.10 USD)

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5000 Gold
€14.75 EUR (about $18.2 USD)

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10000 Gold
€29.50 EUR (about $34.1 USD)

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Available Packages for Nightbane TBC (Sunwell)

The packages below are for the new Nightbane TBC realm available at
Gold is available for both Alliance & Horde.

Same as with Angrathar - we guarantee our transactions - they are 100% safe and won't compromise your account
due to our custom developed gold delivery scheme which is used in every transaction - 0% Ban Rate!

500 Gold
€9.97 EUR (about $11.2 USD)

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1000 Gold
€19.95 EUR (about $22.4 USD)

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2000 Gold
€39.90 EUR (about $44.9 USD)

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Available Packages for Feronis (Sunwell)

The packages below are for the old Feronis realm available at - Gold is available for both Alliance & Horde.

2000 Gold
$7.80 USD (about €6.38 EUR)

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10000 Gold
$38.0 USD (about €31.0 EUR)

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20000 Gold
$74.0 USD (about €60.5 EUR)

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Update 10th April 2019: We have lowered the Angrathar cost from €3.95 down to €2.95 per 1000g and the Nightbane cost from €29.50 down to €19.50 for the time being! If you are looking to experience another solid TBC realm, you can obtain an account for Netherwing from Gold4Atlantiss. If you prefer Vanilla WoW, check our Northdale Accounts for Sale.

Update 11th January 2019: Our Sunwell Angrathar Banrate for gold trading is still at 0%. We haven't been touch, so you are safe to buy gold from us as we guarantee it. The price is balanced now - to €3.95 per 1000g

Update 18th March 2018: Good news! We were able to restore our former prices of €9.95 per 1000g!

Update 14th March 2018: The demand for gold grows every day - in order to meet the current demand, we had to correct the pricing. It will go down as soon as we extend our network on Angrathar.

Update 13th March 2018: We would like to thank you for your continual support, as well as wish a warm welcome to the new suppliers joining our team. New accounts are available for sale. Check our Angrathar accounts page. In the forthcoming period, we will be focusing on the extending the account list, making nearly all class / race combinations available.

Angrathar gold is also available from our main website: Vanilla Games.

After an entire year of preparation, the highly anticipated Angrathar is finally out. A brilliant Wotlk - Wrath of the Lich King private WoW server, featuring a x1 Blizzlike PvP realm. The demand for gold on Sunwell's Angrathar is very high while the amount of farmers equals zero. Literary everyone, including us - need the much valued gold at the moment, though we are willing to share some of our stock for a proper compensation.

We have no intention whatsoever in breaking the gameplay of this brilliant realm, which is the sole reason for our limited package offers for Angrathar gold. Though they may be extended in the near future, at the moment we can only help you if you are struggling to learn your main spells or if you are having a hard time obtaining the level 40 mount / 60 mount.

Important Note: Bots, multiboxing, bug exploits or any prohibited ways for leveling and farming are never endorced by our team. We 'hand-make' everything through normal means - by using the game professions like herbing, mining, grinding and so on. Be cautios of cheap Angrathar gold sellers - they are easily ironed out by the GMs and if they find your account connected with these forum sellers and exploiters, it might be suspended or even permanently banned.

If you are a first time buyer, check the how it works page. If you are looking to buy accounts or powerleveling, check this page.

Angrathar FAQ - regarding buying Gold or Accounts for Angrathar & Feronis (Sunwell)

1. Is there a waiting time before the gold is delivered?

- Professional sellers, we are still selling gold on almost every popular private server and we know that you want your gold in your bag as soon as possible. No doubt, we will do our best to service you within minutes. Sometimes, depending on our availability, it might take some hours. Upon payment, you will be contacted on your address for delivery appointment, or traded/mailed directly in-game.

2. Is the pricing balanced?

- The pricing is reasonable balanced - it is based upon the effort placed for farming 1000g for each realm (Angrathar/Feronis). Angrathar is new x1 WotLK realm, while Feronis has been in existence for some time. Gradually, over time, the pricing for Angrathar will start to go lower as the realm's economy develops. Right now it's impossible to farm in the same way as on Feronis because of the patch difference.

3. Buying gold on Sunwell - Is it safe?

- No GMs and developers are keen on gold sellers and buyers. But, we fulfilled our promise to provide gold on Nostalrius, Kronos, Warmane, Elysium and Light's Hope as long as these servers exist and we will do so on Sunwell.PL WoW as well. We are always steps ahead of everyone, and we always invent new, secure and undetectable transfer methods that will keep your account intact. Rest assured, we do follow the server rules - the gold we trade is farmed by hand and our safe delivery procedures are strictly followed with every order.

4. Do you have a refund policy?

- Have no worries, you are always covered by our refund policy. We do our best to deliver the ordered gold as fast as possible to you. It usually takes a few hours up to a day. If you don't get the gold within a maximum of 24 hours, you can get a complete 100% refund by simply e-mailing us and asking for your money back - we won't ask any questions to you. E-mails can be sent to We deserve the right to cancel suspicious orders.

Testimonials from Buyers:

Raiding with Paladin on Sunwell is FUN

Eric McNail blazer00***** (26th May '18)

Got one of the 3800 GS pallies - in love with it, raiding is FUN on Sunwell!

Still using this website's services since launch

Charles Pilling phil*** (3rd April '18)

I'm still using from the time server was started

I love the Service

Kevin Berry berry112***** (13th March '18)

Simply the BEST! I love the service you provide, thousand thanks!!!

Angrathar Mage Account & 5000g

Adrian Wolkywsky ahex***** (23th February '18)

I bought an account with 5000 gold package. I'm really glad that this server and service exist!

3000g and 5000g orders for Angrathar

Martins Mühlbauer muhl***** (18th February '18)

3 days ago i ordered 3000 package which was delivered safely to me. Today i'm ordering 5000 for my guildies

Purchased Level 80 Night Elf Rogue

Colb Fransman colbi**** (15th February '18)

Purchased level 80 Night Elf Rogue for Angrathar... it saved me the dreaded leveling time

Account purchased for Warmane's Lordaeron

Nicolas Birdwell nik***** (22th January '18)

I'm still playing on my Lordaeron toon purchased from you. I'm waiting for Sunwell's Angrathar launch to use your powerleveling service

10K gold received in 10 minutes

Kevin Smyth kevwow***** (18th January '18)

I used V7Gaming for all my gold needs on all private Lich king servers. The last 10000g package was sent to me in 10 minutes after my purchase. Can't wait for Angrathar's launch

5000g for Feronis (Sunwell)

Ian Anderson anders***** (15th January '18)

Bought 5k gold for Feronis. Got it very fast without any hassle

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